The Lab Boss

Written by: Avissa Sharafi
Illustrated by: Mojtaba Heidarpanah
Publisher: Mobtakeran
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2018
32 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

He barges in the lab right in the middle of a class experiment and distracts everybody's attention. He says, he is called a moulage, a torso moulage. As a newcomer he has some nerve, pushing everybody around. Actually, come to think if it, if he is such a bully, how come they have skinned him? Anyway, if he thinks he can be the boss, he is in for a big surprise; he should first get rid of a ''brainless'' opponent. Fat chance!

Author About:

Avissa Sharafi was born in Iran in 1969. She has a B.A. in Electronics. She loves children, literature and illustration, and above all she loves reading a great picture book to a lovely child. She likes writing, although sometimes she finds it exhausting. She is a prolific writer, having published over 50 tales in Iranian magazines and several books for children.

Publisher Name:Mobtakeran

Address:No. 59, Nazari St, Enghelab Ave., Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Yahya Dehghani

Languages we correspond in: English-persian