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Irianian Book Publishers and Associations, Litrary Agencies in Frakfurt Book Fair 2019

Books Publishers
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Literary Agencies: (209 Books)

26 Books

Blue Circle Agency

161 Books

POL Literary & Translation Agency

22 Books

Tamass Literary & Translation Agency

Associations: (720 Books)

115 Books

Culture and Art Association of Women Publishers

245 Books

Cultural Association of Children & Young Adults Book Publishers (CACBP)

78 Books

Iranian Association of Academic Publishers (IRAAP)

50 Books

Association of Deffa Moghaddass Publishers

61 Books

Association of Islamic Revolution Publishers

171 Books

Tehran Publishers and Booksellers Association (TPBA)

Independant Publications: (491 Books)

10 Books

RazeBaresh publication

20 Books

Candle & Fog Publishing

13 Books

gooya publisher

21 Books

Koudakan Publishing House

21 Books

Faranegar pars Publication

6 Books

Gilgamesh Heritage & Tourism Magazine

10 Books

Asr-e-Gooyesh Publication

17 Books

Safir Ardehal Publication

14 Books

Shazde Kocholo

46 Books

Shahre Ghalam

40 Books

Shahed Publisher

6 Books

Kian afraz

10 Books

Publication Cultural and Artistic Institute of Khorasan

19 Books

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy

31 Books

Hezarehe Ghoghnoos

40 Books

Quranic researchers Foundation press

38 Books


27 Books

Shokoofeh (Amir Kabir Publication)

2 Books

Printed in Iran (NAHL Publications)

70 Books

Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

30 Books

Artiste House

Grant Publications and other: (55 Books)

9 Books

Kulturabtailung der Botschaft der lsl. Rep. Iran

46 Books

Grant Programme of Translation and Publication