Persepolis The Treasure of Persian Civilization

Written by: photo: Afshin Bakhtiar
Illustrated by: -
Publisher: Farhangsara Mirdashti
Category: Iranology
Year: 2007
274 Pages,
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Book About:

In the book "The Flat", "The Treasure of Persian Civilization", with a collection of images of the role of Rustam, portals and palaces, the port and the northern portico, the Serrons, and .... encountered in the ventricles of each of these The images of the world are unremarkable and bring the audience together. The Treasure of Persian Civilization has been published by the Mirdashti Cultural Center with a different and unobtrusive look at the Jamshid Flat. Folk-e Jamshid Treasure of Persian Civilization Photographer: Afshin Bakhtiar, Hardcover Volume by Frame, Bilingual, Glossary.

Author About:

Afshin Bakhtiar was born in 1329 (1950). He studied photography at the University of Science and Technology in the field of electrical power for more than 35 years. He mainly photographed in the field of nature and social life, especially in Iran, and also applied to industrial photography and worked in parts of Iranian documentary as a photographer.

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