Woman Life Iranian People in Pictures

Written by: Hamideh Zolfaghari
Illustrated by: -
Publisher: Farhangsara Mirdashti
Category: Iranology
Year: 2010
364 Pages,
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Book About:

One of the concerns of the Institute of Anthropology is the role of the great woman in the life of Iranian tribes. We are glad that in the book "Woman, Life, Iranian Relatives", we have been able to synchronize and accompany with the artist and hardcore author of the book, the work of Mrs. Hamida Zolfaghari in recording the image of Iranian woman life. These photos themselves have no doubt expressed the great suffering and great role of women in the creation. We hope that the production of this work is a valuable step in representing the merciful presence of the Iranian woman in our old culture.

Author About:

Hamid Zolfaghari, a California-based Iranian photographer, should be one of the few photographers who spent a lifetime representing the lives of Iranian women in different ethnic groups to provide a comprehensive and unique picture of the lives of Iranian women. His book, "Women of the Iranian Peoples," is a living and living image of the life of Iranian women. Items from the angle of the camera of a woman who spoke to each tribe and tribes for seven years and talked to their men and women. He sat down to record and capture moments that certainly could not be reflected and recorded from the angle of the camera. Suggest an edit

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