Tehran The capital Of IRAN

Written by: photo: Peyman Khalafbeyki
Illustrated by: -
Publisher: Farhangsara Mirdashti
Category: Iranology
Year: 2009
200 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The purpose of publishing the book of the Tehran capital of Iran with the photography of Khalafiqi Peyman is to introduce a Tehran. Tehran is not only traffic and pollution and there is no crowd. Tehran has a beautiful and tranquil area, so that every spectator can watch and enjoy it for a moment. The series attempted to portray Tehran yesterday and today. The most iconic images of palaces and monuments, old and new administrative and commercial buildings, museums, old and new residential buildings, parks, highways, natural landscapes, etc. In Tehran's capital Tehran, the land of geography and various topics of urban development in terms of urbanization and architecture, with stunning images and pictures of the eyes, stares at every visitor and provides a better understanding of Tehran. This bilingual book, Hardcover Cover with Frames, Glossy Paper by Mardeshty Cultural Center Publishers has been published. Suggest an edit

Author About:

Khalaf Beqi's contract was born in 1947 (1947), an architect, nature and art photographer photographer from the Young Cima Society.

Publisher Name:Farhangsara Mirdashti

Address:Unit 1, No.11, Fakhrerazi St, Enqlab St, Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Hamid Mirdashti

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