Carpets,the unknown identity

Written by: Written by Shirin Souresrafil
Illustrated by: -
Publisher: Farhangsara Mirdashti
Category: The Arts
Year: 2016
288 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

In the Handwoven Carpet: The Unknown Identity The compilation of sweet Sorasrafil, in two chapters, addresses the concepts of handmade carpets and the principles and foundations of handmade carpets. The bilingual handwoven book is available in two volumes of Hardcover and Paperback.

Author About:

Engineer Shirin Soor Esrafil, author and researcher of Iran Handmade Carpet Engineer Shirin Soor Esrafil was born in Tehran in 1320 in Tehran, where he grew up in a motherland that believed: The past is the foundation and foundation of our current lives and, like chain loops, are dependent on our lives (1). He is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Tehran or Amir Kabir University in textile engineering. He is a patriotic friend and, in the words of love, to the homeland, (2) Because of this sense of patriotism, he feels more practical and field moves in the 1940s, and has no interest and tendency to sit behind the desk.

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