Sharpnel the porcupine and His Majesty the Lion’s Portrait

Written by: Jamāl al-din Akrami
Illustrated by: Amir Maftoon
Publisher: Peydayesh Publishing House
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2017
64 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The stories that tell their tales through personification of animals are as ancient as the art of storytelling itself. An art best presented in the Old Persian stories of Kelileh and Demneh. The animals represent our hidden selves in a bold way and the story tells us all about our society and how the strong rule with tyranny and the weak react in vanity, optimism, fearfulness, and flattery. But when you put all that in a children’s book with a writer this funny and smart, you can’t help but keep reading and laughing!

Author About:

Jamāl al-din Akrami is one of the most celebrated Farsi children writers. His style in comedy is unique and he is especially well-known for his mastery over the idioms and metaphoric language and the poetic quality Farsi is famous for.

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