Ancient Craftsman Getting to know about 15 old skills

Written by: Farahnaz Yousefi
Illustrated by: Farahnaz Yousefi
Publisher: Parastoo-ye sepid publication
Category: Literature
Year: 2016
56 Pages,
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Book About:

This book is about 15 old skills which were existed in past in our country- Iran - and these days they are forgotten. Quilting: This is the art of making Quilt with batting which is placed between two layers of fabrics on top and below it. At last these three layers will be stitched together. These kinds of Quilts were very popular for new brides to take them to their husbands’ house as a part of bride’s Dowry. Glass blowing: Now a days we have factories which make glassware, but in past there were people whose job was making glassware with their own hands and still those products are very demanded. This art returns to 2500-3000 B.C. They used to gather some special stones called Flint and make very soft powder out of it and then mix it with Alkali. When the mixing was done they used to put that mixture in oven in order to melt this it … and after few more processes the glassware would become ready

Author About:

Farahnaz Yousefi born in Tehran in 1966 and she is a clinical psychologist. Since 1998, she has started writing a book on children and adolescents, and has already published 15 books on children and adolescents, humor, psychology and documentary. She is Manager of Parastooye Sepid publication and Public Publisher and Cultural Ambassador of the blinds, and has published a few books in co-operation with the Institute of Blind Rudaki on the Braille line. Member of the Iranian Psychology Association and the Society of Child and Adult Writers and the Cultural & Artistic Society of publisher womens. She is also a co-author of various publications.

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