I Am the Dumbest Girl On Earth

Written by: Roya Hedayati
Illustrated by: I Am the Dumbest Girl On Earth
Publisher: Avanameh Audiobooks
Category: Literature
Year: 2016
196 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

I Am the Dumbest Girl On Earth is a book of four interconnected short stories. The first one is the story of a little girl’s life in sixtieth. The girl faces the world around her by her special form of character combined with childish imaginations.

Author About:

Roya Hedayati was born in Tehran in March of 1986. He began studying books at the age of nineteen, and one of the first books to read was Victor Hugo's "Laughing Man." He began writing at age 15, and a few years later, he published the book, " I Am the Dumbest Girl On Earth ", which was welcomed by people. Another book by Roya Hedayati is "Laleh Park Footpath".

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