The Narration of the Decade Sixty

Written by: Mohammad Reza Ghaffarinia
Illustrated by: The Narration of the Decade Sixty
Publisher: Avanameh Audiobooks
Category: Literature
Year: 2016
241 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The Narration of the Decade Sixty by Mohammad Reza Ghaffarinia narrates a collection of memorabilia of all people born in the sixties. It contains songs, programs, and the tracks of music that they listened on TV and radio.

Author About:

Mohammad Reza Ghaffarinia is born in Tehran on August 2, 1981. His first book, "The Predatory Memories," was published in 2009. In 1395, Ghaffariya introduced the "Audio narrative of the 60's" with the collaboration of the Cultural Awareness Institute.

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