Written by: Bozorg Alavi
Illustrated by: Gilemard
Publisher: Avanameh Audiobooks
Category: Literature
Year: 2016
200 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

Gilemard is a short story collection consists of eight stories. The main story of it is Gilani's villager, a militant who joins the peasant movement, and shelters the forest after the attack of the officers and the death of his wife. He gets arrested and, two gunmen in the midst of a roar, wind and rain, take the man - who is a rebel peasant - to Fouman to deliver the checkpoint. The other stories of the collection are about such social and political issues of the time.

Author About:

Bozorg Alavi was an influential Iranian writer, novelist, and political intellectual. He was a founding member of the communist Tudeh Party of Iran in the 1940s.Cheshm'hā'yash (Her Eyes), which was published in Iran in 1952 and was subsequently banned, is considered his finest novel. Although it is considered his masterpiece, Alavi also wrote many other books which indeed are also perfect in their own style ; an example of this is the novel "chemdan" which was written under the influence of freudian psychology. his other novels "mirza", "53 nafar" and "gilemard" which is used in Iranian textbooks for high-school. Bozorg Alavi's contribution to Iranian Literature was profound and shall not be forgotten.

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