The story of battle and peace

Written by: Morteza Khosronejad
Illustrated by: Mohammadali Baniasadi
Publisher: Shokoofeh (Amir Kabir Publication)
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2013
40 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

A book illustrator draws a rooster in a book and another illustrator, draws another rooster in another book. Both of these roosters claim to be the best rooster illustrated ever in the world! In order to prove their claim, they decide to start a big battle with each other. Nevertheless, with the help of an author and a poet, their battle changes to a friendly competition instead to let the children vote about their priority. And this way, the story of a battle between the roosters becomes a friendly competition that ends in an election for choosing the best rooster.

Author About:

Morteza Khosronejad, writer, translator, and scholar, was born in Kashmar in 1954. He continued his studies until he got his PhD in educational psychology and the philosophical history of education. He is a tenured assistant professor in Shiraz University, the head of the Center for Studying Children’s Literature in this university, and on the editorial board of academic and specialized children’s and young adult publications. Khosronejad has published many articles and research books on children’s and young adult literature, presenting his opinions on the nature of children’s and young adult literature, the audience, etc. Khosronejad uses the recreation of legends and folktales immensely in his narrative works. His stories pursue a specific target. He tries to use literature as a way to help with the development of philosophical and critical thoughts in children so they would be able to look differently at the world. Selected Works: Innocence and Experience (2003), Markaz Stories, Games, Joy Series (2010), Behnashr (Parvaneh) Mind-exercising Stories (2011), Behnashr (Parvaneh) The Story of War and Peace (2013), Amirkabir (Shokoofeh) Selected Awards and Recognitions: Best Book Award from Hello Children Festival, Best Book Award from the Book Festival of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Best Scholar Award from the Children’s Book Council of Iran

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