Depressant infusions

Written by: Akram Zakeri
Illustrated by: Akram Zakeri
Publisher: Faranegar pars Publication
Category: The Arts
Year: 2018
60 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

In this book you will be introduced to a variety of properties and medicinal herbs and fruits and will find out its positive and negative effects. In this book, you can restore your lost peace and energy by using different herbs. The above book is 60 pages in full-color glaze paper.

Author About:

- - Ms. Akram Zakeri has over 25 years of experience in authoring and translating art books, traditional and modern handicrafts, and has a wealth of valuable experience in the art of cooking and the properties of medicinal herbs and demos; The title of the book has been published in these fields.

Publisher Name:Faranegar pars Publication




ManagingDirector:mahmoud Esmaeili

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