Pandhaye Nashenide

Written by: Zakaria Tamer
Illustrated by: Raouf Karray
Publisher: Koudakan Publishing House
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2017
54 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

This book received the "My Book for Arab Child Literature" award organized by the Arab Thought Foundation / Story Book category, and was included in the short list of the Etisalat Children's Book Award. In this book, animals and objects are able to communicate among themselves in an easy language. At the end of each story, it is often a solution to a dilemma or advice to those looking for it.

Author About:

Zakaria Tamer is one of the most important and widely read and translated short story writers in the Arab world, as well as being the foremost author of children’s stories in Arabic. He also writes children's stories and works as a freelance journalist, writing satirical columns in newspapers.

Publisher Name:Koudakan Publishing House

Address:No 9, Ghoreyshi Alley, Kashani Ave, Yazd, Iran



ManagingDirector:Babak Saberi

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