Marta va Hasht Pa

Written by: Germano Zullo
Illustrated by: Albertine
Publisher: Koudakan Publishing House
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2011
32 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

After going around the world with her hot air balloon, Marta goes to discover the seabed. But it is difficult to make new friends when you have sharp horns, even if you are very friendly! The fish run away on his approach. Fortunately Juliet the octopus is here ...

Author About:

Germano Zullo is a prolific writer and poet, who lives in Geneva. He writes for adults and children alike, and has written many popular children's comics and stories.

Publisher Name:Koudakan Publishing House

Address:No 9, Ghoreyshi Alley, Kashani Ave, Yazd, Iran



ManagingDirector:Babak Saberi

Languages we correspond in: English