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Publisher: Candle & Fog Publishing
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Year: 2018
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The dervish sang: The mint, the violets Tiny leaves, tiny flowers At the foot of the tree… The journey of the pleasant fragrance On the wings of the wind In the plains In the deserts On the mountaintops The scent of grass Of fresh, green grass That goats, kids and cows can smell The journey of the scent of grass Of delicious grass To their white, foamy milk The journey of gratitude to God Morad softly, bashfully uttered, “The journey of the poem to your lips.” The dervish smiled. He looked at Morad’s face and eyes. He licked his dark, chapped lips. “What did you say?” I said, “The journey of the poem to your lips.” “Congratulations! You have just recited poetry.”

Author About:

Houshang Moradi Kermani is an eminent Iranian writer who mainly writes for sub-teens and teenagers. He was born in Sirch, (a village in Kerman Province), and was educated in Sirch, Kerman and Tehran. Several Iranian movies and TV-series have been made based on his books. In 2006, Dariush Mehrjui directed Mehman-e Maman based on Moradi Kermani’s novel with the same title. Some of Moradi Kermani’s books have been translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, and Armenian. His auto-biography is published as his latest book named “Believe it or not” (Shoma ke gharibe nistid). He has won many national and prestigious international awards which include but not limited to Hans Christian Andersen Honarary diploma (1980) and University of San Francisco book of the year (2000). Some of his Books The Tales of Madjid (Ghesseh-ha-ye Madjid The Boot (Chakmeh) The Palm (Nakhl) The Tale of That Vat (Dastan-e an khomreh) The Tandoor (Tanour) The Cruse (Kouzeh) Mummy’s guest (Mehman-e maaman) Fist on hide (Mosht bar poust) Believe it or not (Shoma ke gharibe nistid)(less)

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