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Publisher: Candle & Fog Publishing
Category: Literature
Year: 2015
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Each short story is a research about existence; a non-definitive and complete one, but if it reaches to the tipping point of the literature, it would create a mirror that everyone can see himself and his own image of the world in it. All stories in this collection have a world of their own, and yet; a hidden exclusive vision at the bottom layers that connect them all together. Each of these short stories have a different experience facing with a simple or large public concept and writer have tried to rediscover all these concerns and associate them in a tale. The author of this story was born in Iran and lived and wrote there. Stories of a country with terrible stormy events in its contemporary history; a narration that is a reflection of such devastating events: revolution, wars and social destruction and more can be found in the theme and even the structure of these stories. An attempt of a human being who tries to shoot himself out from the rubble and bloom.

Author About:

Born in 1974, Alireza Mahmoudi Iranmehr is a writer and essayist. His first work of fiction, Let’s Go Revel, was published in 2006. It was followed two years later by Traveling with Tornado and A Hermeneutic Analysis of the Poems of Said Tabrizi, the fifteen century poet. His essays and book reviews are regularly featured in literary magazines and journals. Iranmehr’s most recent short story collection, Pink Cloud, was published in 2010. He has also written several screenplays, among them for the films Secret (2007), Hearbreak (2009), and Freeway (2011). Iranmehr has received numerous honors and awards for his w orks of fiction.

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