Khwarezmian Empire's Accumulation ( 6 Volume)

Written by: Ismael Jorjani
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Publisher: Safir Ardehal Publication
Category: Science
Year: 2018
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This book has fourteen speeches and every speech is very much. Due to the most requirement of this book to study and to hold, it is divided into two parts. Therefore, it is easier its studying and holding for all enthusiastic readers. And each part has seven speeches, but the early speech of the first part relates to the good and bad conditions of painkillers. The second corresponds to the good and bad weather and the meditation of its usage. Third, it considers understanding health and unhealthiness of foods and a way of their usage. Fourth, it considers the advantage and the disadvantage of wines. Fifth, it focuses on the sleep and the awakening. Sixth, it emphasizes movement and inaction. Seventh, it emphasizes the grab, the perfume, the flowers, and the use of oils. And the first speech from the second part is the protection of the body through using healthy food and the increase of sexual intercourse. The second is to concentrate on the bad temperaments. The third is the assault of a storm of human's sensation such as joy, grief, and so on. The fourth is the preparation of the moods that will be appeared in the people's body and its appearance is a representation of the disease. The fifth focuses more on the child's upbringing. The sixth is for the elders and the seventh, for the travelers. And it should be kept in mind that keeping good health is the knowledge of managing these causes, and whenever these causes are not considered, they absolutely lead to illness.

Author About:

Zayn al-Din Sayyed Isma‘il ibn Husayn Gorgani (1040–1136),[1] also spelled al-Jurjani, was a Persian[2] 12th century royal Islamic physician from Urganj, Uzbekistan.[1] In addition to medical and pharmaceutical sciences, he was also an adept in theological, philosophic and ethical sciences.[3] He was a Persian physician and learned the rudiments of medicine in Kunya-Urgench, Old Urgench or Urganj of Uzbekistan. Jurjani was a pupil of Ibn Abi Sadiq and Ahmad ibn Farrokh. He arrived at the court in the Persian province of Khwarazm in the year 1110 when he was already a septuagenarian. There he became a court physician to the governor of the province, Khwarazm-Shah Qutb al-Din Muhammad I, who ruled from 1097 to 1127. It was to him that he dedicated his most comprehensive and influential work, the Persian-language compendium Zakhirah-i Khvarazm'Shahi. Jurjani continued as court physician to Khwarazm'Shah Qutb al-Din's son and successor, Ala al-Din Atsiz, until at some unspecified time he moved to the city of Merv, the capital of the rival Seljuq Sultan Sanjar (ruled 1118–1157), where he died nearly at 100 lunar years of age. Jurjani composed a number of important medical and philosophical treatises, in both Persian and Arabic, most of them written after he moved to Khwarazm at the age of 70 lunar years.

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