"Buddy" Balloon (Ouch My Hand, Ouch My Leg)

Written by: Mahmood Barabadi
Illustrated by: Maryam Roohi
Publisher: Publication Cultural and Artistic Institute of Khorasan
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2019
12 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

"Buddy" balloon is not an ordinary balloon. It’s from space. It has strange and lovely abilities that only "Pedram" knows about them. "Pedram" and "Buddy" balloon are the best friends of each other and they have interesting adventures together. "Pedram" is a cute and lovely little boy. He wants to discover universe with "Buddy" balloon. In fact "Pedram" and Buddy's identity is more than a simple image. They are supposed talking to the kids. These books will prepare the child's mind for more messages and stories.

Author About:

Mahmood Barabadi, - Former president of Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth ( - Author of the Year for his book in children topic (1996) - Author and translator of more than 25 titles in children books from 1975

Publisher Name:Publication Cultural and Artistic Institute of Khorasan

Address:NO 11, Afra alley, Rahimi St. Bani Hashem St., Resalat St. Tehran 16637-16651, IRAN



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