A Summary of A Territory of Kurmanjs (Looking at the History, Geography, Race, Primary Domicile, and Customs of the Kurdish People in the Past)

Written by: Saeed Asadifard
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Publisher: Safir Ardehal Publication
Category: Iranology
Year: 2019
556 Pages,
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Humankind is a curious creature and an energetic seeker. He constantly endeavors to discover the mystery of the universe, and investigate the situations of the ancestors in order to find the facts. An important part of this effort relates to humans' understanding of each other, although they created in the same form and facet of body, in terms of language, expression, customs, how they live, a background of history, race, skin color, thoughts, social beliefs, religious beliefs, food, clothing, government system, and other characteristics of life are very different to each other. Understanding these differences is an essential doctrine for humans. If we have failed to know the people of distant lands for some reasons, at least, we should have the knowledge of the people in our country. In the name of Iran, we should know the different ethnicities such as Lur, Azeri, Turkmen, Kurdish, Baluchi, and Arab that living in our country's extensive geography, and their historical, ethnic, and religious background, customs, dialects, and so on, and know how they live in the past and the present. This book attempts to answer all of the above subject matter in a scholarly manner based on historical evidence and on the basis of the viewpoints of the scholars on the Kurdish people. Thence, it should not be left something vague and unfinished. In some historical and investigatory texts, footnotes are almost as same as the text itself. As a result, the reader is drawn to the margins rather than the original text of the book. For this reason, the sources and references of the book are listed at the end of the book's catalog.

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Colonel Saeed Asadifar was born in Salmas village in 1958. He completed his elementary and secondary education in the city of Urmia, then entered the Officer University. After graduating in military science, he entered the army, and went to the battlefields at the beginning of the imposed war. He was captured in Karbala hostilities while wounded and unconscious. After his release from captivity, he began his artistic career. In the Kurdish overseas unit, IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) was writing radio plays. He wrote more than 200 30-minute radio plays that lay on the antenna, and propagated the radio. The Book of The Land of Kermanjs, is the result of five years of effort and research by the author in Iran and neighboring countries on the customs, historical, racial, and historical background, a geography of Kurdish areas, the Kurdish celebrities and scholars, and the Kurdish religious and national movement with authentic historical documentation.

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