Gilgamesh, No. 5

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Publisher: Gilgamesh Heritage & Tourism Magazine
Category: Iranology
Year: 2018
120 Pages,
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Spend time with Monet & co. in Tehran! This is one of the marvels of museums in which you can discover the history of great civilizations. The autumn 2018 issue of Gilgamesh magazine sheds light on the role of museums as windows into cultural interaction and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on Persian civilization. Focussing on a specific theme each season, Gilgamesh magazine showcases Iranian heritage and tourism, by means of articles and photographs by expert professionals, alongside infographics. As the first eco-friendly magazine of its kind, the pages are composed of stone paper for which no tree is cut down and no water is wasted.

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Arash Nooraqaiee (CEO), Sara Asadi (Editor in chief)

Publisher Name:Gilgamesh Heritage & Tourism Magazine

Address:Unit 3, No 144, Baqer Khan St., Sattar Khan Ave., Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Arash Nooraghaiee

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