Slang idioms & Expressions-English/Persian

Written by: Ahmad Lorestani
Illustrated by: Ashrafi
Publisher: Asr-e-Gooyesh Publication
Category: Literature
Year: 2017
77 Pages,
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Book About:

None-native people generally experience a great deal of difficulty and face many problems in the process of learning expressions and idioms because, in essence, a given expression or idiom may contain different meaning(s) comparing to the meanings of its components individually ; so you can not tell the exact connotation of an idiom or expression by just translating the words and terms being used in it. Idioms, for instance, don’t follow certain structures or general grammatical patterns. Although they may observe specific grammatical rules expressing an exact connotation. One of the outstanding criteria of this collection is it’s particular classifications based on different titles, facilitating the process of learning. Slang Idioms in this book are composed of verbs and nouns, adjectives and prepositions, Idioms including “to be” verb(s), and also special phrases and Idioms with specific structures are classified and compiled based on their titles driven from their messages. Here Expressions and idioms are divided into different parts; due to the informality, variation and variety.

Author About:

Ahmad Lorestani / Winner of National sign f Iran in the field of Ira's Civilizations and History / M.A holder in executive management-Strategy / PHD Student In Trade Management/ Researcher & Author of more than 8 books

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