Persian Nobles Vol2

Written by: Ahmad Lorestani
Illustrated by: Mona Goodarzi
Publisher: Asr-e-Gooyesh Publication
Category: Iranology
Year: 2017
827 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The Book “Persian Nobles” is the result of 7 years continuous efforts of an outstanding team of skilled and well-respected university professors, prepared in 1700 pages, two volumes and in both English and Persian languages; The present publication is chiefly comprised of information about the history and old civilization of Iran from 8000 years ago followed by 1200 Iranian figures whose achievements in various fields of science, literature, philosophy, arts, medicine, engineering, and sports have influenced humanity far beyond the borders of their glorious land. The book “Persian Nobles”, tries to reflect a brief information of what these Global intellectuals did to the world around. This book represents more than 1,200 celebrities of This Land at home and abroad along with a summary of their biographies who have always brought the message of peace and humanity of their nation to other people.

Author About:

Ahmad Lorestani / Winner of National sign f Iran in the field of Ira's Civilizations and History / M.A holder in executive management-Strategy / PHD Student In Trade Management/ Researcher & Author of more than 8 books

Publisher Name:Asr-e-Gooyesh Publication

Address:Unit19, No.21, Cross 9th St. & Farahanipoor St., Tehran,Iran



ManagingDirector:Ahmad Lorestani

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