The Straw Hat

Written by: MostafaKhoraman
Illustrated by: MitraAbdollahi
Publisher: Ofogh
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2015
20 Pages,
ISBN: 9786003531062
All rights available

Book About:

When it comes to war, children are considered to be the most vulnerable members of each wartorn society in the world. Iranian children today may not know what it is for a nation to be involved forcefully and unwontedly into the flames of war. MostafaKhoraman, who is a known name in children and young adults’ literature, in his newest book, tells two different tales of one city during Iran-Iraq war. One story is based on social framework of cities during war and the other is a fantasy, which bears the main weight of the book. The illustrations of this book are truly unique and mesmerizing. They can bring into life the characters of the story and help the children to sustain a better connection with the texts. When the sun set, the scarecrow bent on his wounded leg, started into the palm-grove and waited for the old man to come. The old man caressed his wounded leg and tried to calm the scarecrow down, who knew him well. He was no stranger, he was Khaloo Mohammad. “I’ll come and fix it for you, tomorrow.” Said Khaloo Mohammad…

Author About:

Mostafa Khoraman

Publisher Name:Ofogh

Address:Ofoq Publishers, No 2, Javid 1 St.,Nazari St.,، 12 Farvardin St. Tehran Province, Tehran.Iran



ManagingDirector:Reza Hashemi Nejad

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