Bare against the Wind

Written by: Ahmad Shakeri
Illustrated by: None
Publisher: Farhang Gostar
Category: Literature
Year: 2007
351 Pages,
ISBN:978 964-5961-78-5
All rights available

Book About:

"Bare against the Wind" is the story of a teenage who lives in Kurdistan border line. He is informed of some secrets about the martyrdom of some soldiers during the Holy Defense; the people around him are involved to find the secret behind the subject… The novel is related to the Iran-Iraq war, though in the time of Taliban domination in Afghanistan. The writer creates an atmosphere of ethnic challenges and reproduces incidents so that could manage dilemma and move the reader with a suspenseful chain of actions to the end of the story.

Author About:

Ahmad Shakeri, 1974- Ahmad Shakeri, story writer, literary critic and the chief editor of Pen quarterly magazine is one of the outstanding features of Islamic Revolution Literature. He has crated many fictional works among them the novel “Secret Society” has been appreciated many time and could win the prize of national literary festivals such as: The National Book of The Year Award in 2008, Golden Pen Award for fiction section, and the selected novel of 8th Martyred Habib Ghanipour Literary Festival. He is a professional expert in most of the contemporary Persian literary movements with serious critical attitudes. His research book entitled: “A search about the theory and Terminology of Holy Defense Literature” has been appreciated in 18th Seminar of Houza Book of the Year; the book also was appreciated in Golden Pen Award and could get “Dehkhoda Insignia” as the selected work too. The Secret Society (Novel), 2014 Paternity (Novel), Bare Against the Wind (Novel), 2002-2014 Breathe (Short story collection), 2002

Publisher Name:Farhang Gostar

Address:No.5, Sarab Alley, Azarshahr St., Dr. Shariati St., Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Mohsen Mehrabadi

Languages we correspond in: pearsian