Red Snow

Written by: Hossein Kiasari
Illustrated by: None
Publisher: Fatehan
Category: Literature
Year: 2012
152 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

I- Roghaye Sarajiyan- wife of shahid Habibollah Eftekhariyan – famously called- Abu Ammar, was born in 1957 in Behshahr- the city located in the eastern part of Mazandaran. Sardaran (commanders) and ten thousand martyrs of Mazandaran congress is supposed to publish biographies of some Mazandarani martyrs’ wives. They called me and told: A reporter will be dispatched to Behshahr to have an interview with you in the next two weeks. You can describe your childhood, marriage ceremonies, and your life together. I always wished to write eight-year memories with my husband after twenty years of his martyrdom. Today is April 8th 2006. Some days ago, in Norooz holidays, Ammar my older son came to Behshahr with his wife and daughter for visiting us in New Year holidays. Ammar works in IRIB organization and brought a book of scenario writing instruction. When I was reading the book, I saw a sentence about not writing memories

Author About:

Masoud Kiasari

Publisher Name:Fatehan

Address:No 3 , Henri Corbin,Neauphle-le-Château, Tehran.Iran



ManagingDirector:Ali Nazeri

Languages we correspond in: Persian