Secret of Flying Mountain

Written by: Arman Arian
Illustrated by: Danesh Eshrai
Publisher: mowj
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2008
288 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

Persians and I (Novel Series 2003-2006) is the first Iranian Fantasia trilogy that is written based on Iran Legend, epics, and history. It’s an innovative recreation of Shahnameh by Ferdosi that is inspired by its triplet structure, parts of legends in three eras is narrating Iran history and epic. The first volume of the book is called Persian and I: “Dragon castle” isk indicating Zahak ( Azi Dehak) story. The second volume in the name of Persian and I: “Secret of Flying Mountain”, is indicating Rostam heroic and defining Haft Khan in a form of appealing novel and the third book is also called Persian and I “Resurrection is coming” is indicating Cyrus the Great story. ♣ Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award. ♣ Best Book Award from Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book Festival. ♣ Children’s Book Council’s Best Book Award. ♣ Superior Young Shahnameh Scholar as recognized by Ferdowsi Foundation.

Author About:

Arman Aryan is an Iranian-born writer, researcher, and novel writer on Nov. 1st 1981 in Tehran. He is introduced to the literal world by creating Persian trilogy and he is the youngest winner of Islamic Republic of Iran book of the year. Beside his national prizes, he was in the congress honored placement list by receiving appreciation from 31st international book congress for young generation in Denmark in 2008.

Publisher Name:mowj

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ManagingDirector:morteza danesh eshraghi

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