24 Châhârmezrâb by Abolhasan Sabâ

Written by: Siâmak Jahângiri
Illustrated by: Malihe Mohseni
Publisher: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts
Category: The Arts
Year: 2016
1 Pages,
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Book About:

24 Châhârmezrâb by Abolhasan Sabâ Publish Year : 2016 Siâmak Jahângiri, Ney Vahid Fatâ'i, Tombak M. CD 490 Châhârmezrâb-e Shur I 2:46 Châhârmezrâb-e Shur II 3:11 Châhârmezrâb-e Abu'atâ I 1:24 Châhârmezrâb-e Abu'atâ II 2:19 Châhârmezrâb-e Abu'atâ III 1:40 Châhârmezrâb-e Hejâz Abu'atâ 1:41 Châhârmezrâb-e Bayât-e Tork I 1:52 Châhârmezrâb-e Bayât-e Tork II 1:46 Châhârmezrâb-e Bayât-e Tork III 2:17 Châhârmezrâb-e Afshâri I 2:23 Châhârmezrâb-e Afshâri II 1:28 Châhârmezrâb-e Dashti 1:31 Châhârmezrâb-e Navâ 1:41 Châhârmezrâb-e Homâyun I 1:10 Châhârmezrâb-e Homâyun II 1:30 Châhârmezrâb-e Esfahân I 1:47 Châhârmezrâb-e Esfahân II 1:42 Châhârmezrâb-e Segâh 1:16 Châhârmezrâb-e Mokhâlef-e Segâh 2:14 Châhârmezrâb-e Châhârgâh 1:06 Châhârmezrâb-e Mansuri 1:21 Châhârmezrâb-e Mâhur I 3:03 Châhârmezrâb-e Mâhur II 1:10 Châhârmezrâb-e Râst-Panjgâh 0:33

Author About:

Siâmak Jahângiri Composer & Ney Player

Publisher Name:Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts

Address:42, Hoquqi St, Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Seyed Mohammad Mousavi

Languages we correspond in: Persian/English