The Little Ladder Wants To Be Tall

Written by: Afsane Mousavi Garmaroodi
Illustrated by: Hasan Amekan
Publisher: Shokoofeh (Amir Kabir Publication)
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2016
27 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The titles of these tales are: 1. Miss.Tortoise, Will You be My Wife?, 2. Everyone Laughed, 3.Dling Dling, 4.Drip Drip, 5.The Little Ladder wants to Be Tall, 6. The Small Rhinoceros, 7. The Old Boat, 8. Hard Working cooler, 9. Playing on a Slide, and 10. The Brilliant Future. In ‘The Old Boat’, there is a hole in the old boat, but he still wants to visit the sea. On a rainy day, the old boat slips into the sea, secretly. The more he goes into the sea; he swallows more water until he is drawn down to the bottom. There, the old boat is so fascinated by the things he sees at the bottom of the sea, that he stays in that place. In ‘Everyone Laughed’ a giraffe wants to drink some water but the alligator laughs at his long legs, when he tries to play in the jungle the monkey laughs at his tall figure, and in the same way the reindeer laughs at his long neck. Things carry on like this until one day the giraffe picks up a bird’s nest which had fell and puts it back on the branches. Now everyone is delighted and they thank the giraffe.

Author About:

Afsaneh Moosavi Garmaroodi, writer, was born in 1968. She is a PhD graduate of Persian language and literature and teaches in Islamic Azad University. She has been teaching Persian language and literature for years and currently the editor-in-chief of Roshd Noazmooz magazine. Editing children’s books and writing articles on children’s education and growth are among her professional activities. Selected Works: Mr. Human, Mr. Leopard, (Amir Kabir Publications) 2016 Mr. Habibi (Amir Kabir Publications) 2016 What Color is My Pain? (Amir Kabir Publications) 2016 Thirty Tales of Imam Reza’s Life (PBIH) Madreseh Publications 2012 Pretend Stories, Chekeh Publications 2013 Tales from Prophet Abraham’s Life, Madreseh Publications, 2012 One Name and A Few Stories (Series) Chekeh Publications, 2012 I Think I Have Grown Up, Zeytoon Publications 2002 Selected Awards and Recognitions: Selected in Kanoon’s Press Festival in Environmental Novels, Razavi Book of the Year Award, Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book of the Year Festival Award, Commendation Plaque and Prize in Kanoon’s Press Festival

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