The Sociological study of the relationship between Shiite Islam and democracy

Written by: Mohammad Masoud Saeedi
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Publisher: Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
Category: Academic
Year: 2016
695 Pages,
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What factors from the sociological point of view in the first half of the 20th century led to the transition of any unfinished democracy to Iran? How did the religious elites affect the evolution of the modern world? What are the proper and inappropriate positions of the clergy in relation to the transition process and their positive and negative influences in this process? In this book, in order to find sociological answers to the above questions, three transitional movements in the three historical periods have been compared with the methods in the historical sociology.

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Civilization Islam research center's Faculty member of Islamic sciences and Culture Academy

Publisher Name:Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy

Address:Muallim st Shuhada Cross Qom. Iran



ManagingDirector:Dr. Najaf Lakzaee

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