The Asleep Dragon

Written by: Fereydoon Forootan
Illustrated by: Sara Azodi
Publisher: Sapra publications
Category: Literature
Year: 2008
17 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

The Asleep Dragon A Tale from Mathnawīī-Manawī The theme of this book is an adaptation from"The tale of the Snake Charmer who imagined that the gloomy Dragon is dead"It,s one of the tales of the third notebook (collection)of Manawī.The tale of The Snake Charmer is detailed in Mathnawīī and Mawlana has explained and interpreted it and at the end,has finished instructively the meaning of it.The recent book is the summary and abstract of The snake Charmer,s tale that is fictionalised.Surely,it is suggested to read the original tale,discuss and talk about it with your friends in order to adjust and interpret the theme of it for today.

Author About:

Mr.fereydoon forotan was born in1953 in Tehran. He graduated with bachelor of philosophy degree. He is the author, editor and publishing expert. In the field of editing he is collaborating with number of private publishers on editing, Printing and Publishing Organization of the Ministry of Guidance, Encyclopedia of the Islamic world, children and adolescent's dictionary, scientific and cultural publishing and editorial society. His published work: published methodology, description of mathnavi (The Hidden Sun in The Particle) Imam Ali's biography (Oh, Ali, Our Cheerful Love). Recent edited works: Turning point, To way street, Bazaar, Collection of short stories from contemporary world writes, Encyclopedia of Iranian history (special for teens), Taziye history in Iran.

Publisher Name:Sapra publications

Address:No:602 ,6th floor,222 Building ,Ayatollah Kashani Blv,Tehran,Iran




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