Fatimah the symbol of humanity

Written by: Abdollah Javadi-Amoli
Illustrated by: -
Publisher: Iran EBook
Category: Religion
Year: 2016
260 Pages,
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Book About:

The people of faith believe that human perfection lies in the assimilation of the Divine Names of Beauty as the Absolute and Infinite Perfection is only for God and no one but Him has a share of Perfection. The more one avoids evils and vices the more s/he sets himself in the path of felicity and enjoys more of Divine perfections and names. Doing so divine knowledge gets reflected in his knowledge and his actions feature the Divine Perfections. According to Shiah, Prophet's household is the symbol of Perfect Man. In this book the personality and life of Fatimah the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad have been discussed as the symbol of a perfect man in the society and family.

Author About:

Abdollah Javadi-Amoli is an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja. He is a conservative Iranian politician and one of the prominent Islamic scholars of the Hawza in Qom. The official website for his scientific foundation, Isra, describes him as a well-known, outstanding thinker in various fields of Islamic sciences and a distinguished figure in exegesis, jurisprudence, philosophy and mysticism. It is further states that his ideas and views have been reinforcing the Islamic Republic of Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and that "his strategic and enlightening guidance" has been "extremely constructive" during the past three decades.

Publisher Name:Iran EBook

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