Rhetoric of Syntactic Structures in Tarikh-e Bayhaqi

Written by: Leila Seyyed Ghasem
Illustrated by: Hermes Group
Publisher: Hermes
Category: Literature
Year: 2017
403 Pages,
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Book About:

Rhetoric of syntactic structures is a part of rhetorical art that its theory was first developed by Abd al-Qahir al-Jurjani, the famous grammarian and literary theorist of fifth century AH and now is known as “theory of construction (nazm)”. According to this theory, syntax has an unknown capability in semantic innovations that is usually ignored. Based on the Persian language syntax in one of the great works of Persian prose literature i.e. Tarikh-e Bayhaqi, the writer of this book tries to find and show the syntactic structures of this language that lead to semantic innovations.

Author About:

Leila Seyyed Ghasem has a Ph.D. in Persian language and literature. She has defended her doctoral dissertation named “Rhetoric of Syntactic Structures in Tarikh-e Bayhaqi” under the supervision of prof. Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani, the Persian writer, poet and literary critic.

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