My little Quran verses

Written by: Siham Andulouci
Illustrated by: Tayebeh Tavasoli
Publisher: Buraq
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2017
96 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

In my little Quran verses, your child will find a fun way to learn the Quran verses requiring us to worship God and behave well. As they follow the adventures of Aya and Sarah, Salim and Adil, first of all your child will learn how to love Allah. In the second part, they will read stories about good behavior and understand the noble qualities advocated by the Holy Quran. In the final part, they will see how the heroes in our stories try to correct bad behavior, again relying on verses from the Quran. Each verse is illustrated with a fun, meaningful story and a clear teaching. Learning and understanding Allah’s verses has never been so easy and pleasant.

Author About:

She was born in Algeria and grew up in France. Academic achievement and experiences: MA in Development Studies, University of London, 2013 BA in Translation 1999 Trainer accredited by the Integrated International Program for the preparation of trainers LIPTOT Since her childhood, she loves children's stories and is fond of the wonderful drawings that paint her pages so that she could imagine living among her lines. They neglect childhood.

Publisher Name:Buraq

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