Lets Go and Get Back (by ship)

Written by: Mahmoud Barabadi
Illustrated by: Nasim Bahari
Publisher: Shahre Ghalam
Category: Children / Young Adults
Year: 2017
10 Pages,
All rights available

Book About:

‘Let’s Go and Get Back’ contains stories about public transportation. Considering the vehicle, each story occurs in an Iranian region. Just open each book to see how wonderful it is.

Author About:

Mahmoud Barabadi Background Born in 1952, Mahmoud Barabadi,is a renowned Iranian children’s author and novelist. He has written several influential pieces in areas of urbanism, traffic, and environmentfor children and young adults. His literary work also includes screen plays and qualitative research with a concentration on young adult novels in the area of social realism. In his writings, Barabadiportrays social struggles of communities in outskirts of cities andinrural areas.Some of his workhave Iranian cultural and historical context. By using his talent in storytelling, he introduces notable Iranian historical figures to his young readers The book titled “Aabchelik e Pa Kootah” (The Short Legged Sandpiper) has been translated into Chinese and Korean, and the books “JoojeyeTanbal” (The Lazy Chick) and “Se Ghese” (Three Stories) have been translated into English. Barabadi has a passion for involvement in civil societies and is currently serving as the Vice President of Iranian Association of Children and Youth Authors, which has more than 500 members.

Publisher Name:Shahre Ghalam

Address:No. 147, Ave. Motahhari, Tehran, Iran



ManagingDirector:Masoud Golabi

Languages we correspond in: English